Homeowner Questions

ProQuote connects homeowners with contractors when they are ready to make an investment that requires multiple quotes for a home improvement project. Projects might include HVAC system installation, electrical, window replacements and more. ProQuote can assist with all types of projects to help homeowners get comparable pricing from multiple contractors all with just one in-home visit from a Pro.

Our estimates come at no cost to you! When you decide to move forward and receive the comprehensive quotes for your project, we request a $250 deposit. This deposit is not a fee for the estimates; it’s a commitment towards your project, ensuring that you’re ready to take the next steps with confidence.

ProQuote receives a preset flat rate fee based on the installation, from the winning quote contractor upon completion of the installation.

ProQuote keeps the homeowner and contractor information private using our data encrypted database. Our support team of technical experts is constantly reviewing data security parameters to ensure that all personal information is held private.

No, because ProQuote keeps the homeowner’s contact information private until the quote is accepted. At that point ProQuote will only share your information with the contractor that the homeowner selected and no others.

No problem at all. You are under no obligation to go with any proposal at all. Our network of contractors only allows us to keep their pricing for 30 days. You can always call us back and we can resubmit your information for updated proposals (additional fee may apply).

ProQuote does not currently offer in-house financing. However, we can provide financing options for every job through our network of local certified contractors. If you’re interested in financing, feel free to request it, and we’ll connect you with suitable options for your project.

Contractor’s Questions

We require your responses within 48 hours or less.

No, ProQuote gets paid once your installation is complete.

ProQuote will provide a general location (zip code) to ensure that you service that region prior to submitting a quote for the project. ProQuote does not provide the homeowners name, number, address or email until the quote is selected in order to protect the privacy of our customers. Ultimately the homeowner has contracted with ProQuote in order to reduce the number of visits by contractors and eliminate sales inquiries.

Send us your information via Careers@theproquote.com and a member of our HR team will reach out to start the conversation.