Garden/Awning Windows

Garden and awning windows offer distinct features that cater to specific preferences and needs, from maximizing indoor plant growth to enhancing ventilation and privacy. When choosing between these window types, consider their operation, advantages, and the specific considerations of each to ensure they meet your home’s aesthetic and functional requirements.

Garden Windows

Components: Garden windows typically feature a fixed glass front, operable side windows for ventilation, and a glass top to maximize sunlight exposure, creating a mini greenhouse effect.

Operation: The main pane is fixed, providing unobstructed views and sunlight, while the side windows can open to allow for fresh air.


  • Enhanced Natural Light: The structure is designed to capture sunlight from multiple angles, ideal for growing plants indoors.
  • Additional Space: Offers extra shelf space for plants, herbs, or decorative items.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Adds architectural interest and can serve as a unique focal point in a room.


  • Exterior Space: Requires enough exterior space to accommodate the window’s outward extension.
  • Energy Efficiency: Consider models with energy-efficient glazing to minimize heat loss in cooler months.
  • Best For: Kitchens and dining areas where extra sunlight and display space are beneficial. They’re particularly appealing to those with a green thumb looking to enhance their indoor gardening.

Awning Windows

Components: Awning windows consist of a single or multiple glass panels hinged at the top and opening outward from the bottom, often operated by a crank mechanism.

Operation: The crank mechanism allows for easy opening and closing, providing ventilation while protecting the interior from rain.


  • Ventilation: Can be opened slightly to allow for air circulation even during inclement weather.
  • Energy Efficiency: When closed, the tight seal contributes to energy efficiency by reducing air leaks.
  • Placement Flexibility: Can be installed higher on walls, preserving privacy and usable wall space below.


  • Outdoor Space: Must ensure that the window’s outward opening does not obstruct outdoor living spaces or pathways.
  • Cleaning: Exterior cleaning may require access from the outside, which can be challenging for windows installed at higher levels.
  • Best For: Rooms that require ventilation and light without compromising on privacy, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

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